Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Still Life

Today is the first real day of Spring! The sun is out and the air is much warmer. There is a light breeze carrying a fresh smell of new growth and birds can be heard from the branches of trees. At last! Hopefully, daffodils and other long awaited spring flowers will start coming out now. I bought this colourful bouquet at the local supermarket a few days before Easter. I was delighted to see two anemones in it as they seem to be rare in this part of the country. Since spring is also lambing time I decided to include the little Beswick sheep from my collection of porcelain farm animal figurines. As usual, I chose to go for a classic dark appearance with warm brown background shades.


  1. Zrači optimizmom - ovca (ovan?) je zakon!!!!

  2. Hvala ti, Davore! I meni je ovcica bas draga ovdje. Jednostavna je i, po mom misljenju, savrsene velicine za ovu mrtvu prirodu.