Friday, 12 April 2013

Blue Anemone

I shoot almost all my still life next to a south facing window to the right of the set up. My favourite time for a shoot is on a day when the sun keeps coming in and out from between the clouds. You get a whole gamut of different lighting ranging from diffused to contrasty light and shadow conditions. I leave my set up on for as long as it's worth it and keep coming back to it for more shots as the light changes. The image below is one of the last I took on the day just before the sun disappeared for good. Literally seconds later the vase was enveloped in darkness and I knew the late afternoon sun would not come out again as thick rainy clouds buried it too deeply. 


  1. Predivna plava boja s toliko intenziteta veže pogled na ove naizgled obične cvijetove, a ipak toliko lijepe i snažne da drže cijelu fotku!