Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spring Echos

I normally try to avoid creating twee images but sometimes that is the best way to express how I feel towards my subject. I am so happy I can find some spring flowers at last, even if only in the local supermarket or at the garden centre, that I just have to exaggerate my work they appear in. And primroses are just so dainty in themselves. Love the fact they come in all the different rich colours. I came across the wicker bicycle in one of the charity shops I visit regularly and immediately knew I wanted to use it with primroses. I added some white daffodils to improve composition balance and I also had to add a texture with writing and black border as I almost desperately felt something was missing in the top left corner. It had to be something that fits just so and took me a while to find the writing I liked.


  1. Hi Vesna,

    It's a lovely, happy image – just perfect to welcome spring!

    Guess what? We found one of your images in a magazine here. I recognized it from your Flickr stream. If you send me your snail mail address, I'll send it to you!


  2. Thank you, dear Georgianna!

    Not sure what snail mail address is.

  3. Ovo je zapravo foto ilustracija - grafički prilično primjenjiva.....:-)
    Dobro naparavljeno!!!

  4. Hvala, Davore! To sam i htjela - da izgleda pomalo kao ilustracija.