Friday, 8 March 2013

Fine Late Winter Day at Golden Acre Park, 18/02/2013

I love Golden Acre park. No matter how many times I go there there is always something new to photograph depending on the time of year, day and light, weather or simply chance or luck. And there are still paths I have not taken yet and corners I have not explored. On this particular day the weather was cold but sunny, and it was half term so the park was buzzing with parents and kids off school. I managed to take quite a few shots I was happy with. A rare great winter day!


  1. Park je baš za už fotić i u intimi!
    Pogotovo na tako lijepi i sunčani dan - krasna serija!

  2. imaš lijepo jezero i park u blizini:)

  3. Beautiful shots! You capture the scene wonderfully!