Wednesday, 19 December 2012

O Christmas Tree!

Every year I create what I call a "Christmas image". I am only looking to post one, so it needs to be special and not too girly or cheesy. A chance to go out and look for some nicely lit scenes are normally elusive to me for whatever reason so I usually rely on still life work. I was really struggling to think of an appealing set up this year and had already begun to panic a bit when suddenly an idea struck me the other day while I was in the bathroom taking a shower: why don't I take a shot of one my favourite decorations - the wooden Christmas tree in a frame I bought years ago?! I like it very much because it is all made of a natural material, wood, and because it's so simple. All I needed to go with it was something red (not only because I love red in photos but also because it is the main Christmas colour). I immediately thought of the little metal Santa boot I bought the other week. I really like the wood and metal combination and the idea of Santa hanging his boot on the Christmas tree frame. I added a wall texture to the image in Photoshop and slightly desaturated the colours to make it look more vintage. Merry Christmas!