Monday, 12 November 2012

Seasons in my Window

Since my "Spring in My Window" image attracted a lot of views on Flickr I decided to create a series entitled "Seasons in My Window". I wanted each image to include a glass object as I like the way glass looks on a window sill backlit by the light coming in from outside. For my autumn image I started composition with a vintage woven bottle my Mum gave me when I was in Zagreb this summer. I like the green and red colours on it. Then I took an orange squash as a typical autumn vegetable and some grapes - an autumn fruit. I added a small oil lamp which I liked not only because of its orange glass but also as something symbolically needed due to shorter days autumn brings.
Now I cannot wait for some snow to do a winter image!

Autumn in My Window
Spring in My Window


  1. I jedna i druga su lijepe...svaka na svoj način - majstorica si za takve kompozicije divnih ugođaja!