Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gotts Park & Golf Course, Leeds, 23/10/2012

I could not wait for a day off from work and a chance to go out with my camera to capture autumn colours at their peak. I did not have to go very far as I saw from the bus going to and fro work that the trees in the nearest park are looking very beautiful . I got there at 9 a. m. hoping the golfers would not be around yet (don't fancy being hit by one of those balls!) but they beat me to it - there was a lot of them there already all over the park. It was a dull, slightly misty, but, thankfully, dry day. And while the light would not always be very good for photography it was quite nice for capturing all the colours of autumn in a misty ambience.

Autumn Glory


  1. Vesna, ovo je predivna serija - pogotovo prva fotografija!

  2. Hvala, Davore, i meni je prva najdraza.

  3. prva fotka mi je perfektna,divan kolorit